The Power of Mentorship for Our Youth

With 75% of high school students reporting that they have negative feelings toward their educational experiences, there’s never been a more critical time to intervene. Left without support, America’s youth could see those feelings of negativity trickle into other parts of their lives.  With the assistance of a mentor, however, students may discover a greater sense of purpose. Continue reading to learn more about the power of mentorship!

Improve Academic Performance

Mentoring has been linked to better academic performance and attendance among youth. In fact, a recent survey shows that those who work with a mentor are 55% less likely to be truant. With so many students harboring negative feelings toward education, this statistic is a clear indication that mentorship can reroute a student’s sense of academic focus. Students who attend class regularly are more likely to complete their homework and achieve higher marks. 

Mentors can meet with students and help them see the connection between what they are studying and where it can take them. Traditional subjects like math, science, English, and history might not seem relevant to all students. But in the hands of a good mentor, a student can learn how the skills they develop studying these subjects can enhance their knowledge base and enable them to be successful outside of the classroom. 

Develop a Stronger Sense of Purpose

Youth who work with mentors may set their sights higher than those who do not experience mentorship. For high school students, that can translate to envisioning themselves in a college setting or a particular type of job. At OhanaHC, we pair students with mentors who attend workshops, programs, and other opportunities beyond the classroom to help students see what they are capable of achieving. 

Especially for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, the idea of doing anything beyond high school might seem impossible. Mentors can step in as inspirational figures who listen, guide, and support their mentees. Some mentors may share aspects of their personal journey to help their mentees feel less alone. In doing so, they can equip their mentees with a stronger sense of confidence as they forge a better future. 

Embrace the Power of Mentorship 

Finally, it’s up to mentors and other authority figures to help youth see the value of mentorship. There should not be a stigma attached to reaching out to a more seasoned individual for guidance. Rather, mentorship should be normalized as a healthy and beneficial part of the growth process. 

Many youths may feel ashamed to reach out to or rely on an adult, however. Formal mentorship programs and testimonials from those who have benefitted from the power of mentorship are among the best ways to promote this critical connection.

At OhanaHC, we help link young people in our community with mentors who can model positive behavior and offer guidance. We always are interested in new mentors who could help make a difference. Please fill out the contact form on our website or email us at so we can tell you more!

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