How Mentorship Builds Bright Futures

While the high school dropout rate has declined nationally, 2 million students still abandoned their educational pursuits in 2021 alone. And in schools where students lack resources or at-home support, the dropout and truancy rates can escalate. Fortunately, with the help of mentorship programs, even the most disengaged or insecure students can find their footing. Keep reading to learn how effective programs can start building futures through mentorship.

Provide Support and Encouragement

Life is full of extraordinary circumstances, a lot of which are outside of the control of a young person. Consequently, they may not have the tools they need to meet educational expectations or to dream bigger than their circumstances have allowed.. Mentors can step into these situations as an additional and consistent source of encouragement and support. 

Students with limited resources may grapple with low self-esteem or experience high daily frustrations.With the assistance of a mentor, however, these same students can get the support they need. A few words of praise from a mentor or a thoughtful note might be all it takes to begin the shift toward more positive self-worth and clearer vision for their future and abilities. Students who gain confidence in themselves can funnel that energy into leadership roles, volunteer positions, and future academic achievements. 

Offer Direction and Structure

Aside from emotional support, mentors can offer mentees an important dose of structure and guidance. Some mentees may deal with poor time management skills. Others may need a clearer goal to sustain momentum. Whatever the growth opportunity may be, a mentor will help unearth it and work towards improvement. The task of establishing a schedule of meetings and arriving to them on time may be a useful starting point for mentees.

Mentors are a source of accountability, too. Regularly-scheduled meetings can serve as deadlines for mentees. Mentees will start developing more personal responsibility in an effort to meet these deadlines. OhanaHC’s mentors bring professional and personal backgrounds that can inspire mentees toward higher achievements. Mentors are a reliable fixture in students’ lives as they progress from high school to college or the workforce.  

Start Building Futures Through Mentorship

Mentorship can provide the missing link between day-to-day experiences and future endeavors. The group work, homework support, clubs and sports, that define high school experiences can start to seem more useful when viewed through the right lens. A mentor has the ability to do that reframing. Sharing personal anecdotes or using words to connect the dots can transform a young person’s viewpoint. Mentors can contextualize the lessons and concepts that seem disconnected in a classroom setting. 

At OhanaHC, we value continuous learning and center everything we do on the students with whom we work. Our mentorship program has grown to help disadvantaged students find purpose. Please fill out the contact form on our website or email us at to learn more about how you can get involved!

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