The Power of Community-Based Mentorship Programs

Have you considered getting involved with a community-based mentorship program? These programs connect youth with community members through intentional activities and conversations. More importantly, they are an effective way to facilitate stronger community connections and give at-risk youth a gateway to better outcomes. Learn more below about why these programs are such an asset.

See Improved Outcomes with Community-Based Mentorship

Mentorship programs are an excellent way to improve academic, social, and career outcomes in younger generations. Students can step outside their normal educational framework to learn from an adult who has been in their position, or one similar to it, before.  And many successful programs bring the mentor to the student. The student can conveniently meet their mentor after school.

During these meetings, mentors can model skills like engaged dialogue and active listening. These are vital skills that students can begin to mimic during interactions with teachers and peers. Mentors can help mentees implement structure into their daily agendas, too. This can come in the form of blocking time for homework to avoid hasty last-minute efforts or, worse yet, no effort whatsoever. Ultimately, mentor-mentee meetings can lead to improved grades, persistence, and connections to people..

OhanaHC recognizes the critical role that mentors can play in shaping a young person’s future. We partner with area high schools to ensure that our mentees meet with mentors regularly. Additionally, our mentor-mentee pairings gain access to community events and activities. Attending these events together can deepen the mentorship experience. 

Build a Network

Community-based mentorship programs also lend themselves to increased interactions with a wider pool of people. By attending a seminar or community job fair with their mentor, for instance, a mentee can begin the process of networking. They can meet individuals who oversee job shadowing programs. Or they can talk directly with individuals working in disciplines that pique their interest. 

Expand a Mentee’s Resources

One of the key advantages of community-based mentoring is the ability to explore different spaces and meet new people. Mentors and mentees are not tethered to the same location for each meeting. Rather, they can visit museums, cultural sites, conferences, and other engaging events to stimulate their conversations. These experiences help expand a mentee’s horizons, showing them the resources at their fingertips in the community. 

OhanaHC makes an impact using community-based mentorship programming. We pair community members with local youths to encourage connections and develop curiosity. If you have been looking for a way to get involved in the community as a mentor, we can help. Fill out the contact form on our website or email us at for more information!

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