3 Ways How Volunteering Helps You Connect with Others

Did you know that around 23% of Americans volunteer? If you’ve been looking for a way to invest in your community, join the millions of adults who volunteer their talents each day. Read on to learn three ways that volunteering can help you connect with others to make a difference!

Learn New Skills from Others

When you volunteer your time with an organization, one of your first steps is to learn about the mission and duties of the organization. This may entail doing a formal training program or shadowing veteran volunteers. If you’ve never hammered a nail or assembled care packages, you’ll need to learn the steps to do these tasks according to the organization’s standards.

No matter what new task you’re tackling as a volunteer, you’ll start building human connections by learning from others. The individuals helping you gain your footing as a volunteer can become mentors. 

And your interactions with these individuals can stretch long beyond your training sessions if you stay involved with the organization. Ask questions and share your experiences to help strengthen your connections. 

Build Community Pride

You can connect with others in your shared desire to strengthen your community. As a volunteer, you’ll be investing your time in a cause that interests you. And the people working alongside you will be doing the same.  As a result, you’ll have a built-in source of connection that can spark conversations.

Maybe you’re part of a group of volunteers that’s helping to mentor students. Or perhaps you’re helping pick up litter at county parks and trails. In any scenario, you’ll be able to converse with fellow volunteers on what pushed you to get involved. 

For those who are new to an area, volunteering can be an excellent way to develop a connection with people and the community. When a seasoned volunteer speaks passionately about why they’re giving their time, their words can help new volunteers feel a stronger sense of purpose.  

Connect with Others by Socializing

Lastly, volunteering offers an easy opportunity to expand your social network. Especially if you engage in a routine volunteer responsibility, such as staffing a soup kitchen, you’ll encounter a lot of the same volunteers. Over time, these individuals can become your friends. 

While volunteering requires a lot of active time, you’ll also have downtime, too. These moments while on a break or waiting for the next task can be meaningful spaces to chat with those around you. 

Simple conversations can lead to deeper ones that transcend the volunteer experience. If you’re packing holiday gifts to send to children in need or helping build a house, talk to the other volunteers. You’ll open the door to laughter, discoveries, and fresh friendships. 

At OhanaHC, our volunteering opportunities help forge strong connections among mentors, students, and community members. If you want to pursue volunteering that can truly make a difference, we will help you meet that goal. Please fill out the contact form on our website or email us at info@ohanahc.org to learn more!

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