Unpacking Racial Equity: Understanding the Journey Towards a Just Society

Are you ready to help build a more inclusive, equitable society? Pursuing racial equity requires taking stock of the current reality while committing to making actionable changes. With the right approach, you can be part of a movement that acknowledges inequities in an effort to do better. 

Read on to learn tangible ways to contribute to building a more just society!

Understand What Racial Equity Is

Racial equity refers to the idea that all individuals have equal access to opportunities, regardless of their circumstances. In other words, an individual is not at a disadvantage due to their socioeconomic status or identity. All individuals are given the same treatment. 

It’s important to note that racial equity and racial equality are two different things. Creating a pathway to racial equality involves focusing on racial equity first. Ideally, improved equity can lead to equality. 

As a good starting point, educators can support racial equity measures in their classrooms. Community and business leaders can do the same in board meetings and conferences. Bringing readings from marginalized voices to the table and encouraging participation from underrepresented groups are keys to enacting change. 

Find Ways to Implement More Equitable Actions

If you want to help improve racial equity, there are tangible actions you can take. Consider your position in an organization or community, and think about ways you can leverage your power for good.

For instance, perhaps you can help improve transportation services in your community so more individuals can travel to well-paying jobs. If you’re involved with a community organization that disburses funds, target overlooked areas in your city that need affordable housing.

Supporting racial equity can take the form of offering childcare to accommodate workers. Or it can mean hosting hybrid meetings to encourage better attendance from those who need to stay home with children. 

And it also can include volunteering your time with a non-profit to learn about the experiences of young people with barriers. Supporting racial equity doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Offering a listening ear to those who’ve faced oppression historically is a positive step. 

Pursue Racial Equity in Your Community

Ultimately, a more just society is possible only when individuals are willing to own up to systemic problems and prioritize change. Even more importantly, these efforts need to value the opinions of those from marginalized communities and use them to plan for a better future.

Pursuing racial equity should start in your community. Take small steps to call out inequities in a classroom, meeting, or casual conversation. And find community organizations where you can use your talents and learn new skills to create a more inclusive community. 

At OhanaHC, we work to build a more just community by investing in those who will shape the future. If you want to help us pursue our mission of working with promising young people, we will help you step into the right role. Please fill out the contact form on our website or email us at info@ohanahc.org to learn more!

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