4 Benefits of Embracing and Celebrating Unique Cultures and Customs

Learning about cultures and customs outside of your own set of experiences is one of the best ways to expand your thinking. You’ll also help set an example for others around you who might be more hesitant.  Continue reading to understand why it’s important to embrace and celebrate unique cultures and customs. 

Create New Learning Opportunities 

Embracing unique cultures and customs can create a more inclusive space, and one where everyone can learn from each other. When you attend multicultural events, for instance, you’ll get to learn about customs, cuisine, and other cultural practices that are central to specific cultures. You may hear new music or learn about rituals, as well.

These learning experiences can deepen your knowledge and appreciation for cultures other than your own. And it’s especially vital to introduce young people to these opportunities. If you’re an educator, build exposure to different cultural traditions into lesson plans with readings, speakers, and music. And if you run an organization, offer chances for employees to come together and learn about the cultures of those with whom they work. 

Help Reduce Stereotypes and Divisive Practices

By engaging with different cultures and customs, you can help push back against common stereotypes. It’s easy to fall prey to misconceptions or tropes about particular cultures or traditions.  And the more these misconceptions are perpetuated, the more divisive they become. 

You have the potential to speak out against stereotypes. By equipping yourself with knowledge about Native American powwows, for instance, you can help educate those around you. Similarly, understanding the significance of Juneteenth or the Day of the Dead can help you spread accurate information about why these holidays matter. 

Ultimately, supporting different cultural customs can help the movement toward a less divisive society. Divisive practices, including racial slurs and microaggressions, continue to adversely impact minority groups. One of the best weapons against these practices is an informed mind.

Support Unique Cultures and Customs to  Create Better Communication

Lastly, being intentional about valuing different cultures can create better lines of communication. When you’re able to show interest in a different cultural custom, you open the doors to new exchanges. 

Further, some cultures may use gestures and language that are unfamiliar to you to communicate ideas. By engaging with individuals from different cultural backgrounds, you can ask questions to understand better what is customary when it comes to communication styles. You’ll acquire skills that can help you interact more respectfully in any context. 

Attend multicultural celebrations. Invest an extra to effort to visit events connected to Black History month or Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. And take a friend or family member with you!

At OhanaHC, we embrace the unique individuals that make our community special. We’re particularly interested in helping young people gain confidence in their identities and a positive sense of direction. If you would like to help us, your mentorship can make a difference. Please fill out the contact form on our website or email us at info@ohanahc.org to discover how you can get involved!

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